Golden Jubilee Tribute (1957 - 2007)   

  • Mowla Wangu Karibu (My Mowla, Welcome)

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    Composed by: Taj Esmail

    Music Direction: Karim Khimji

    Vocals: Karim Khimji & Ali Khimji

    Key Boards & Synthesizers: Karim Khimji

    Drums: Amin Jiwa

    Narration: Fatima Esmail

    This Swahili song was composed by Taj Esmail & performed by Ali Karim Khimji Orchestra in Canada for the commemoration of the Golden Jubilee visit of His Highness the Aga Khan, to East Africa. On this historic occasion, we convey our fondest greetings, with prayers for prosperity and good health, to all the people of East Africa - Ameen

    Swahili Lyrics with English translation:

    Nina Shukuru, He Baba Wangu - I am grateful, O my (Spiritual) Father

    Nime Furahi, Leo Sana, - I am filled with much joy today

    Nimeku ona, Leo Mowla, - I have glanced at You today Mowla

    Nimeku funga, moyoni mwangu - I have locked You up (captured you), inside of my heart


    Nita kumbuka kila siku - I shall remember each and every day

    Sikuku ya Leo maisha yangu - The Eid (celebration) of today, until the end of my life

    Naku omba, kwa moyo mwangu - I beseech You with all my heart

    Niweke salama, moyoni mwako - Keep me safely, within Your heart


    Usikie vizuri, maimbo zangu - Hear nicely these songs of mine

    Naomba kwako, neema yako - I am begging from You, Your grace (pleasure)

    Naku penda, na roho yangu - I Love You from within my soul

    Niweke salaama, moyoni mwako - Keep me safely, within Your heart


    Naimba leo, kwenye sherehe - I am singing today during the festival (Golden Jubilee)

    Kasida hizi, za sifa zako - These Kasida (devotional songs) of Your praise

    Lete Baraka, Nchi Tanzania - Bring Barakat (prosperity) to the Country of Tanzania

    Lete Baraka, Uganda Kenya - Bring Barakat (prosperity) to Uganda, Kenya

    Niweke salama, Moyoni mwako - Keep me safely, within Your heart


    Mowla wangu Karibu - My Mowla Welcome

    Mowla wangu Karibu - My Mowla Welcome

    Mowla wangu Karibu - My Mowla Welcome

    Mowla wangu Karibu - My Mowla Welcome